InnerTwist Clinical Psychology was started because Fiona Jamieson wanted to create a comprehensive clinical psychology service that catered to youths 3-24 years of age and their families. Fiona works to ensure that InnerTwist possesses the core values of professionalism and adherence to the highest ethical standards, whilst still retaining a sense of warmth. The aim of InnerTwist is to empower children and families to develop a skill set that will provide them with the knowledge and confidence to manage any difficulties that they may face in the future.

Why pick InnerTwist?

– Experience
– Excellent communication
– Comprehensive and detailed assessment
– Evidence-based treatment
– Approachable, warm, and non-judgmental

About Fiona
InnerTwist Clinical Psychology is led by Fiona Jamieson, a clinical psychologist with extensive experience working with children, adolescents, young adults and families.

Fiona knows the client is the expert on what’s going on for them. She will work with the young person, their family, and school to understand their point of view and to develop a shared understanding of their difficulties, develop goals, and form a comprehensive and timely treatment plan. read more

InnerTwist Clinical Psychology provides a variety of evidence-based assessments and treatments to assist you, your child, and your family to develop the skills and confidence to manage problems as they arise.