Learning difficulties?

Learning difficulties?

What is a learning disability assessment?

A psycho-educational assessment assesses for a learning disability by providing an understanding of intellectual abilities and educational achievement abilities whilst screening for potential difficulties that may be impacting upon a child’s ability to learn or retain information.


What is involved in a psycho-educational assessment?

  • Initial interview with the parent(s) and child
  • Discussion with the child’s school or school observation
  • Questionnaires
  • Test batteries such as an IQ test, Achievement test and/or Sensory-Motor test


Why would my child need a psycho-educational assessment?

  • Suspected learning disability
  • Difficulties with attention
  • Suspected ADHD
  • Understanding about cognitive strengths and weaknesses
  • To determine giftedness or intellectual disability
  • To determine eligibility for school support
  • Determine appropriate educational recommendations
  • As part of investigation into behavioural/social or emotional difficulties


What does testing measure?

Depending upon the question(s) asked, different tests and different sub-tests are used. However, typically the following information is gathered from each test.


  • IQ (or cognitive) test will give an indication of:
    • Overall IQ
    • Verbal Ability
    • Processing Speed
    • Cognitive Efficiency
    • Memory
    • Visual-spatial thinking
    • Visual-auditory abilities


  • Achievement test will give an indication of:
    • Reading
    • Maths
    • Writing
    • Oral language
    • Academic knowledge


  • Sensory-Motor Battery will give an indication of:
    • A persons ability to organise, identify and interpret sensory and motor information in order to understand the world


  • Questionnaires:
    • Questionnaires will vary depending upon the reason for testing. Typically, questionnaires may ask about behaviour, attention, anxiety and general mental health.


How many appointments does it take?

  • Appointment 1: Initial interview (90 minutes)
  • Appointment 2: Testing appointment 1 (3 hours)
  • Appointment 3: Testing appointment 2 (2 hours)
  • Appointment 4: Report feedback and recommendations appointment (50 minutes)


How long will it take for the report to be written?

  • Two weeks from the last testing appointment