Referral Information for Medical Practitioners

1. If your patient meets eligibility for a Mental Health Care Plan under the Better Access Initiative, then please fax (07) 3112 4242 or email a referral to with the following information:

  • Patient diagnosis
  • Number of treatment services the patient will be receiving
  • Statement that a Mental Health Treatment Plan or psychiatrist assessment and management plan is in place
  • Copy of the Mental Health Care plan

For FAQ’s on the Better Access Initiative please click here

2. Perinatal Non-Directive support counselling is also available. Further information is available here

Please note: a medical referral is not needed to access psychology services. However, this does mean that the patient will be unable to claim Medicare rebates.


Referral information for Health and other professionals

It’s easy…simply call or email to discuss the suitability of a referral. Please note that a medical referral is not needed to access InnerTwist Clinical Psychology.