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I am very proud to now be able to offer perinatal non-directive support counselling or, as it used to be called, pregnancy support counselling.

 What is pregnancy support counselling?

  • It’s a treatment that helps a person explore and make sense of their feelings and thoughts about a pregnancy related issue. Innertwist offers this service to adolescents and adults.

 Typical concerns include:

    • Feelings associated with either a planned or unplanned pregnancy
    • Concerns about support during pregnancy
    • Life stages and time of pregnancy
    • Anxiety regarding pregnancy
    • Talking through abortion and adoption options
    • Discussing the impact that having a child will have on you and your current lifestyle
    • Trauma associated with other pregnancies

 Who is eligible?

  • A person who is currently pregnant or who has been pregnant in the last 12 months
  • Women who are eligible are entitled to claim a Medicare rebate of $62.20 for up to three appointments per pregnancy by seeing their GP to get a referral

Why choose to have pregnancy support counselling at InnerTwist Clinical Psychology?

Clinical Psychologists are trained in both core counselling skills and the assessment and treatment of severe mental health disorders. In conjunction with a strong knowledge base of child and family issues, this means that should other mental health or psychological issues arise (e.g., such as anxiety, depression, family functioning, support concerns, etc) during the course of counselling, InnerTwist Clinical Psychology has the skill set and knowledge base to manage your needs appropriately. 

To find out more, or to book an appointment, call (07) 3371 5558.

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